Bachrach Photography Photography Styles

Bachrach Photography is a world-renowned photography studio that has been producing high-quality, artistic images since 1868. Founded by Ferdinand Bachrach, the studio has evolved over the decades to keep pace with changing trends in technology and photography styles. Today, the studio continues to be family-run and dedicated to producing stunning images that capture life’s moments.

Bachrach Photography emphasizes classic, timeless photography styles that have a classic, timeless feel. The studio strives to create beautiful photographs that are not dated or trendy, but rather have a timeless quality that stands the test of time. The studio's use of natural lighting, soft focus, and black-and-white photography are some of the techniques used to create timeless images.

The studio also offers a wide range of photography styles to meet the needs of customers. Whether a customer wants traditional posed family portraits or more contemporary looks, the studio can accommodate. Bachrach also specializes in capturing life's special events and milestones with thoughtfully composed images that are both natural and unique.

Aside from classic and contemporary styles, the studio also offers photojournalism, documentary, and fine art photography. For photojournalism, Bachrach specializes in capturing candid moments in a beautiful, real-life style. Documentary photography focuses on telling the story of a subject over time with a series of photographs. Fine art photography brings an artistic, creative element to photography, allowing the photographer to use framing and lighting to enhance a subject.

Bachrach Photography has been applying classic and modern styles and techniques to photography since 1868, continuing a long legacy of producing beautiful and lasting images. With a wide variety of photography styles, the studio can capture any moment in all its beauty. Whether you’re looking for a traditional family portrait or a creative fine art photograph, Bachrach can create the perfect image to capture the beauty of your life story.