Parmarphoto Customer Reviews

Parmarphoto is a photography business based in the Northern California area. Founded by photographer Pri Parmar, this business specializes in event, portrait, and wedding photography. With years of professional experience, Parmarphoto offers the highest quality of photos, capturing the best moments of each event. Customers can also expect to be treated in a professional and courteous manner.

Parmarphoto customers praise the exceptional service and photos that the company provides. Reviewers have commented on Parmarphoto’s ability to capture the special moments of their events and weddings. “The photos we had taken by Pri [Parmar] are special and without them, we would have missed the joy that was felt at our special moments,” one reviewer remarked. Customers also appreciate Parmarphoto’s punctuality and the easy process involved in booking a session. They also note that Pri is warm and welcoming and truly enjoys being a part of the event. Other customers express their gratitude for Pri and his team’s helpfulness and attention to detail.

Additionally, customers praise the quality of the photos that Parmarphoto produces. Photographs are well-lit, crisply composed, and professionally edited. This commitment to excellence has been praised time and time again. “The photos have come out amazing and we have lots of beautiful memories that we can look back on for years to come,” one reviewer said. Customers are also appreciative of the reasonable prices that Parmarphoto offers, which are accessible to customers of any budget.

In conclusion, Parmarphoto has earned glowing customer reviews and a strong following. Professional and reliable service, high-quality photos, an easy booking process, and unbeatable prices have all resulted in a successful and well-respected business. Whether you are looking for photos of your wedding, portrait, or event, Parmarphoto is sure to provide you with an exceptional experience.