Upcoming events and photography classes offered by Sue Bruce Photography

Upcoming events and photography classes offered by Sue Bruce Photography

The Sue Bruce Photography team is proud to offer a variety of photography-related events and classes for amateur and experienced photographers alike. From in-person group classes to virtual events including workshops and seminars, the SBBP team provides everything needed for a successful photography experience.

Sue Bruce Photography is excited to bring their passionate devotees a number of upcoming events and experiences. For beginners and those just getting started, the Beginner Photography Workshop is the perfect introduction to mastering the basics. Offered virtually, the experienced and accommodating instructors provide plenty of support, feedback, and tips as each learner begins their journey as a photographer.

For those looking for a deeper dive into the world of photography, there are several seminars available, such as the Landscape Photography Seminar, the Digital Photography Seminar, and the Portrait Photography Seminar. Each seminar features an experienced instructor leading a virtual gathering over the course of multiple sessions, focusing on planning, shooting, and post-processing techniques, as well as exploring different types of camera and lens choices. With real-life guided examples and a supportive and respectful atmosphere, these seminars are perfect for pushing photographers beyond the basics and expanding their portfolio.

For budding professionals who are looking to fully dedicate themselves to photography as a career, Sue Bruce Photography also offers an intensive Certification School. Held both in-person and virtually, the certification school is an intense, six-week program covering topics such as professional-level lighting, studio and street photography, and portraiture. After successfully completing the program, the student can join the distinguished ranks of Sue Bruce Photography-certified photographers and take their skills to the next level.

No matter what level photographer you are, Sue Bruce Photography offers something for everyone. With classes and seminars that take you on a journey through the basics and all the way up to an intense certification program, Sue Bruce Photography will help you discover your passion and craft your skills. For more information on upcoming events and the many great options offered by Sue Bruce Photography, visit their website today!