Kevin Day Photography available discounts

Kevin Day Photography provides its customers with discounts on their services. From prints to print packages, discounts are available to keep everyone's budget happy.

Prints can be discounted up to 25% on select photo packages. Photography bundles are also available to provide savings on larger orders. Customers can save 20% on bundles of three 8x10 prints.

Customers can also save when ordering prints of their favorite photos. Packages of 4x6 and 5x7 prints are offered at discounted rates. Purchasing more prints can help save even more. If a customer buys more than 25 prints the discount increases to 10%, and for more than 50 prints the discount is 20% off the initial cost.

In addition to print discounts Kevin Day Photography also offers discounts when ordering from the online gallery. Customers who order directly from the website can benefit from reduced shipping costs. As an added bonus, free shipping is available on all U.S order of prints over $50.

For clients looking to preserve their special occasion or to give a personalized gift, Kevin Day Photography offers frames. Each frame is elegantly crafted with quality materials. Customers can purchase 10 frames of any size and get 30% off the cost.

Customers can also get discounts on special collections and packages. For example, the Grandparents’ Package offers a special discount of 20% off product cost. This package includes either a single frame and print or multiple prints (in a compatible frame).

With Kevin Day Photography discounts customers can get quality prints at an affordable price. No matter what the desire, whether it’s a single print or a complete package, there are discounts available for almost every budget. With quality products and great discounts, it’s easy to get superior prints at a great price.