Case Atkins Photography: Available Services

Casey Atkins Photography is a professional photography and film business based in the Washington, DC region. With 25 years of experience, Casey Atkins has developed a passion for documentary, photojournalism, editorial, non-profit, portraits and commercial photography. Based in the nation's capital, his work has earned him recognition from government, media, local and business entities.

Various projects have been undertaken by Casey Atkins Photography in the past which include local and federal government, non-profit, commercial, editorial and portrait photography. He has shot for organizations like the Consumer Protection Agency and the United Nations. Through corporate and editorial assignments, he has delivered superior quality work for advertising agencies and publications, including the Washington Post and the United Nations World Magazine.

Casey Atkins Photography offers a range of services including wedding photography, special events, portraits, and commercial photography. Weddings are a particularly special passion of Casey's, as through this service he captures lasting memories of the biggest day in a couple's life. Here, Casey will take photos ranging from classic posed shots to off-the airport spontaneous fun shots. He isn't limited to just Wedding photography; athletes, musicians, and actors have also requested his services to preserve moments of achievement and record special events through the lens of his camera.

Commercial and corporate clients have legally contracted the services of Casey Atkins Photography to capture industrial, architecture, and product photography. Casey Atkins has worked with government officials and other clients to produce high-quality imagery that captures the essence of their mission. His commercial product photography has been featured in print ads, brochures and websites for major companies, including IBM and Microsoft.

Casey Atkins Photography specializes in documentary and non-profit photography as well. He has done work for organizations like the American Red Cross and the World Bank. These projects have included telling the stories of people affected by issues such as poverty and natural disasters.

Whether you are seeking to capture memories from a special event or event in need of imagery for advertising needs, Casey Atkins Photography can provide the highest quality photography solutions. He has the vision and expertise to capture special moments and provide premium imagery to ensure they are remembered forever.