Casey Atkins Photography: Editing Process

Casey Atkins is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in DC with extensive experience in documentary, photojournalism, editorial, non-profit, portraits, and commercial photography. With so many different types of photography and film, it's essential that Casey follows a consistent editing process to ensure his portfolio is of the highest quality.

When it comes to editing his photographs, Casey utilizes professional editing programs used by the top professionals in the industry. He starts off by researching a particular style and aesthetic that he wants to achieve through his photos. After he collects the right tools, he takes the time to look through his images and identify the elements he wants to adjust. Casey begins the editing process by making adjustments to the white balance, color, and contrast of his photographs to create a desired effect.

In addition to these tactile adjustments, Casey also brings in retouching techniques to further enhance his images. This includes using software to remove distractions, blemishes, or marks from the photo and adding special touches such as vignettes and textures. These details can transform a mere snapshot into an artistic masterpiece.

Casey then moves onto the post processing side of his work where he can export his photos into different formats for specific purposes. He uses powerful software to convert his images into digital form and make further adjustments to the sizing and resolution of the image.

By focusing on his editing process, Casey has the ability to make each image look as good as possible and deliver exceptional photos to his clients. With more than five years of experience in the industry, Casey has developed his unique workflow that enables him to efficiently create stunning images time and time again. It's this consistency of quality and attention to detail that sets Casey Atkins Photography apart from all the rest.