Casey Atkins Photography: Pricing

Casey Atkins Photography provides a range of options for clients desiring the storytelling power of documentary, photojournalistic, editorial, non-profit, portraits and commercial photography services. Every client’s needs are different, so Casey offers flexible and tailored pricing programs that prioritize customer satisfaction.

For those interested in engaging Casey’s services, pricing first begins with a comprehensive consultation. During this initial step, Casey will discuss with clients their needs and desired outcomes, as well as provide an overview of her fees associated with photo sessions, based on the expected time and level of editing. For example, if a client needs to document a special event, Casey can create a custom package including a one- to three-hour photo session, with additional time reserved for editing and retouching.

In addition to the set fees, Casey’s services also includes custom post-processing and retouching offered for an additional fee. Factors such as the creative direction, number of images to be edited and the time anticipated for the job will determine this additional fee. If desired, Casey can also work with clients to create a custom portfolio of their work, which will also include an associated fee.

As a professional photographer, Casey understands that budgets are varied and so she is willing to work with clients to develop customized payment plans. These plans will be discussed and determined during the initial consultation and may include a flat fee, installments or royalty based plans.

When it comes to the power of storytelling and capturing moments in time, Casey takes a unique approach with her photography. Her goal is to provide clients with unique and creative images that reflect their vision. Through her pricing plans, she is able to offer durable, quality work with the service and satisfaction that customers have come to expect from professional photography. Whether an individual has a large event to document, or is simply looking for images to capture a special moment, Casey is dedicated to providing a personal experience and services that capture the desired visions and memories of her clients.