Contact Information for Fada Eid, Made in USA, Self portrait Photographer

Contact Information for Fada Eid, Made in USA, Self portrait Photographer

Feda Eid is a professional Boston, Massachusetts-based self portrait photographer well-known for capturing stunning scenes from his own city. His work features dramatic angles and colors to create beautiful imagery. His Made in USA self portrait series stands out among his work and celebrates the unique styles of the American culture.

Feda operates out of his personal studio and offers flexible and affordable packages for clients. He provides services such as commercial and advertising photography, product photography, editorial portrait photography, and event photography. He also offers consultations and workshops to help clients learn more about the craft and how to best use photography to tell their story.

In addition to his own photography, Feda is available as a guest speaker in front of industry-related audiences and has also been featured in various international publications, websites, radio shows, and magazines. He truly stands out in his industry as an expert in his field, having been named a photographic Master by the National Professional Photography Association (NPPPA).

For anyone interested in book Feda for their next commercial or self portrait project, you can contact him directly either through the contact form on his website or by emailing him at [email protected]. He is also available to answer any questions in regards to his services through his social media accounts.

Feda Eid’s Made in USA series is a unique concept and the results speak for themselves. His eye for detail and talent for capturing captivating images is unrivaled in the industry and provides great value for both businesses and individuals seeking professional portraits. Feda’s passion for photography and his commitment to help others bring out the best in their images makes him the ideal choice for any project. No matter your photographic needs, Feda Eid is the go-to photographer for Made in USA self portraits.