Portfolio of Fada Eid's Made in USA, Self portrait Photographs

Portfolio of Fada Eid's Made in USA, Self portrait Photographs

Fada Eid is an internationally recognized photographer whose portfolio of Made in USA, self-portrait photographs capture and capture the ideal of beauty and power. Her unique take on the art of self-portraiture offers an intimate, reflective look at her own identity, culture and the uniqueness of American identity.

The portfolio of Fada Eid’s photographs evokes a powerful, distinct and unique American identity. Her photographs capture iconic moments that range from the rural water tower in Alabama to the Hollywood scene in Los Angeles. In each snapshot, she captures the essence of an individual in a way that expresses her personal and cultural identity. Her photographs also capture glimpses of nature and show us how these landscapes still maintain an electricity that come alive in our imagination.

The images she creates are striking to look at and she does this by highlighting both the beauty and strength of those featured. Her work reinforces the idea that beauty lies beneath a lot of the traditional American images, because she does not only pay attention to the aesthetics, but to the stories behind the individual shots.

Through her photographs, Fada Eid highlights the issues of self-representation, autonomy and identity in all parts of the US. She captures images of mothers with their daughters; indigenous people and their culture and people of color, experiencing their lives in different places and depicting their stories in her images. Her work gives a platform to those that have been silenced and represents the patriotism and strength of the American way of life, all the while capturing these moments with a unifying tone.

Fada Eid's portfolio of Made in USA, Self portrait photographs is an inspiring, beautiful and profound representation of the American way of life, diversity and expression of individual identity. Her photographs will undoubtedly continue to inspire, to move and to provoke thought, providing a meaningful glimpse into a range of different stories and making us appreciate our own.