How Far From Boston Does Isabel Sweet Photography Travel?

Isabel Sweet Photography offers a unique full-service in-home photography experience for families in and around the Boston area. Specializing in newborn photography, Isabel and her team of experienced photographers have a passion for helping parents capture all the special moments with their newborn babies.

Isabel and her team are willing to travel for the perfect shoot. Depending on the distance, clients may be subject to a travel fee. She is typically willing to cover areas that fall within a 1-2 hour drive from the Boston area. This includes areas such as northern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and parts of Connecticut. If a client's desired location falls outside the 1-2 hour range, arrangements can be made to cover these areas as well.

No matter how near or far, Isabel Sweet Photography will strive to make the photo shoot a great experience for the entire family. With their portable studio sets and professional lighting, she is able to create beautiful and timeless photos in the comfort of any chosen location. All sets are made using high quality materials, and unique setups are created to ensure that clients are pleased with the end result.

Throughout the photo shoots, Isabel and her team like to make sure the families feel relaxed and comfortable. She often schedules multiple break and snack times in order to ensure the safety of the baby and keep everyone at ease. By providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere, she is able to capture photos that will last a lifetime.

At the end of the day, no matter how near or far, Isabel Sweet Photography is happy to travel for perfect photo shoot. With their passion for capturing all the special moments, they strive to make the family photo shoot experience a special one. If a client is considering a photo session in the Boston area or beyond, Isabel is ready to provide her full-service photography experience.