Jesus Armand Family Portraits Portfolio

Jesus Armand is a master photographer specializing in family portraits. He has been featured on Good Morning America and in magazines such as People and Family Circle for his unique vision and stunning imagery. Working in the art of family photography for nearly two decades, Jesus has had amazing success in capturing the beauty and complexity of the families he works with. Serving the East Coast from New York to Boston, and the Midwest from Kansas City to Concord, Mass, Jesus is able to reach those in need of high-end family photography commissions.

Christop Armand brings his client’s vision to life with a combination of technique, artistry and vision. His unique post style utilizes a combination of profile, close-up and wide-angle shots to capture every moment in perfect clarity. Using natural light and bold colors, Jesus is able to capture the essence of the family while still providing a timeless, professional product. Working closely with his clients, Jesus is able to identify and fine tune their needs, whether that involves a little more outdoor lighting, a different angle of the baby’s face or adjusting the light on an important family moment.

From the modern day family portrait to babies’ first day in their new home, Jesus Armand’s portfolio is filled with meaningful portraits that tell stories of love and bond that can last a lifetime. His work celebrates the special relationships that make families unique, and immortalize the moments that make up life’s most cherished memories. With families from all backgrounds and cultures, Jesus understands that family is more than just genetics. He is passionate about capturing the unique relationships, moments and moments-in-time that bring families together.

Whether his clients are looking for children and baby pictures, family pictures or a unique way to mark a special occasion, Jesus has a portfolio full of beautiful images that families can proudly display in their homes. His creative use of light and detail highlight the beauty in the most fundamental of family pure relationships, while also providing a timeless piece of art that will last a lifetime. From newborns to high schoolers, Jesus Armand’s family portraits tell a story that not only is worth remembering, but worth cherishing.