When was Karman Lee Photography founded and by who?

When was Karman Lee Photography founded and by who?

Karman Lee Photography was founded in 2014 by Karman Lee. Lee, a professional wedding and editorial photographer, made his start as a freelance photographer before launching his own business. Lee was born and raised in the Washington, DC area and is a passionate photographer with a fine art background. He has worked with many well-known clients in the newspaper and magazine industry and is an avid traveler.

Given his experience working with newspaper and magazine clients and his strong sense of creativity, Karman Lee Photography has quickly earned recognition throughout the Boston, DC and New England area. Lee and his team specialize in wedding photography and engagement photography, but are also experienced in photography in other sectors such as architecture, product and food.

Lee has developed his own unique style of photography, focusing on the shapes, lines, colors and textures of his scenes. His use of light, strong composition, and ability to capture moments provide his clients with beautiful, timeless images that preserve their special moments. In addition, he is quick to understand and meet his clients' individual needs with regards to their taste and budget demands.

Through his business, Karman Lee has established a multigenerational client base, taking photos of family, kids, events and non-profit organizations. He and his team take pride in working with each client to ensure they get creative and professional photos that reflect their true essence.

Karman Lee Photography has become an integral part of the photography industry. With years of experience, a keen eye for detail and a passion for working with people of all backgrounds and ages, Lee has developed a strong following of individuals and businesses looking to capture their special moments in time.