Does Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portraits provide free consultations?

Does Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portraits provide free consultations?

Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portraits offers top-of-the-line professional photography experiences for clients. While Kerry Brett does not offer free consultations, the company does pride itself on providing its clients with quality services and in-depth consultations that go beyond the free introductory meetings.

Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portraits ensures that clients are given ample opportunity to discuss their needs and desires. During the initial meeting, clients are provided with an in-depth consultation by one of the studio’s experienced photographers. Clients are given the opportunity to discuss their photography hopes and goals, in addition to explaining their desired outcome. Clients are provided a portfolio of the studio’s work and encouraged to look through the catalog to help get ideas for the photos. This portfolio allows clients to envision the look that they want for their photo shoot.

The Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portrait team also provides clients with an overview of the services that the company offers. Clients are educated on the wide variety of options available to them, from classic portraiture to specialized photo shoots. The team assists customers in finding out ways to get the best out of their photo shoot experience.

The consultative process doesn’t end there. The Kerry Brett team provides customers with a customized quote and tailored package that is tailored to their individual needs and budget. This customized experience ensures that clients get the most from their photo session.

For clients who are unsure of which package they should choose, the Kerry Brett team also offers a complimentary consultation that offers an overview of the available services and packages. Customers are provided with an understanding of the level of services that they have to work with and the price range that they can expect. This free consult helps customers make the right decision when it comes to the photos they need.

Beyond free initial meetings and consultations, Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portraits prides itself on providing customers with a personalized service and one-on-one attention. Each session is tailored to the individual customer’s needs and desires. Clients are able to discuss their individual wants and needs, and Kerry Brett team is available to provide personalized insight and advice.

In the end, Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portraits does not offer free consultations. However, the company does provide in-depth consultations and personalized one-on-one experiences that go beyond the free introductory meetings. From customized quotes to personalized packages and tailored sessions, Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portraits ensures that its clients walk away with the photos they desire.