Special Offers from Linda Haas Photography

Linda Haas Photography provides a variety of special offers for their clients. Whether you're a first-time customer or an experienced photographer, Linda Haas Photography has something to offer.

Their most popular special offer is the "Introduction to Photography" package. This package is designed for beginner photographers who want to learn the basics of photography, from lighting and composition to post-processing and image editing. The package includes a free one-hour instructional session with a professional photographer and access to a variety of equipment, such as tripods and filters.

For more experienced photographers, Linda Haas Photography offers an advanced course focused on fine-tuning techniques. This class goes into greater detail on topics such as shutter speed, white balance, exposure, and color theory. In addition, the class includes a selection of props and backgrounds to use in photo shoots.

Linda Haas Photography also offers a wide range of discount packages, ranging from three-month packages to holiday deals. Customers can save up to 30% on their photo shoots when they purchase a package. These packages also include priority scheduling and additional discounts on prints and framed photos.

Finally, Linda Haas Photography provides additional services to its customers. They offer a personal consultation and portrait shoot before an event, so clients can be sure that their photos are just the way they want them. They also offer a wide selection of prints, frames, albums, and other gift items.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Linda Haas Photography has something special to offer. With their wide range of special offers, discounts, and services, they can help you create the perfect photography experience.