Rochester, NY Documentary Family & Pet Photography Booking Process

Rochester, NY Documentary Family & Pet Photography Booking Process

Booking Documentary Family and Pet Photography sessions with Luminaria Photography in Rochester, NY is a simple, stress free process. Their website offers an extensive portfolio of their work and a booking section to start the process. After organized appointment, clients will be brought on a journey from start to finish with a memorable experience that showcases the beauty of their portrait session.

It all begins with a consultation, where clients can get to learn more about the team behind the camera who takes the time to understand their needs. Designing a beautiful session that brings out the authenticity of their family and pet relationships is what Luminaria is passionate about. During this initial step, clients can be assured that the entire process from start to finish will be an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Next is the on-location, or in-studio photo session. Clients can walk away with a tangible representation of the special relationships they have with their family and pets. Or, have their photos taken at a desired location. Receive a full tailored experience where every detail is given special attention.

Finally, the post- session reveal. This is the most rewarding part of the booking process, where the team at Luminaria congratulates their clients on a job well done. During the reveal, the team will nurture and guide clients through the artistic outcome of the session into discs and prints that they can cherish for a life time.

Luminaria photography has taken the pain out of the booking process and created an experience that ensures a stress-free documentary family and pet session.