404 Not Found Locations – See where the 404 Not Found photography team works.

The 404 Not Found Photography Team is a unique group of photographers that specializes in finding and photographing areas which are often overlooked or not easily seen. Located in the heart of the United States, their work has taken them all over the globe, giving them the opportunity to explore and discover some of the most extraordinary and varied locations that the world has to offer.

The 404 Not Found Photography Team’s mission statement is “We strive to seek out hidden gems and unexpected sites that are too often overlooked.” Their mission statement is represented in the vibrant images they capture and showcase in their photography projects. The team works hard to find off the beaten track locations, giving viewers a glimpse into horizons they have not yet seen and providing an eye-opening experience for its audience.

Recently, the 404 Not Found Photography Team has been working in the Midwestern United States. They’ve photographed places from sprawling prairies, to the depths of the Grand Canyon and up to the Rocky Mountains. This area of the country has a rich, diverse landscape to explore and the team has documented it in all its glory, capturing images that elicit a spectrum of emotions.

The 404 Not Found Photography Team has also traveled across the United States’ east coast, exploring cities and countryside alike. Historic sites, vibrant downtowns and small towns, have been captured with a vibrant intensity that reflects the beauty of our nation. They have also gone abroad, visiting places such as India, Cuba, Costa Rica and Mexico. They take the same approach to foreign locales as they do to their home country; searching for hidden gems and capturing the beauty of these places with their camera lenses.

The 404 Not Found Photography Team is committed to their mission and sharing their photography with the world. They want people to share in the same experiences that compelled them to photograph the places they visit. Where will their travels take them next? What beautiful, unseen world waits to be discovered? One can only wait and see.