Mark Richards Photography locations and contact information

Mark Richards Photography locations and contact information

Mark Richards Photography is a professional photography business located in Los Angeles, California. Owned and operated by Mark Richards, Mark is a skilled and dedicated photographer who has been providing commercial and private work to prospective clients since 2004. Mark's photography specialties include weddings, engagements, family and maternity photos, newborn photography, fashion photography, and product photography.

Mark also provides unique outdoor photography services in wonderful outdoor locations throughout Southern California. From the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica to the tranquil beauty of Griffith Park and the San Gabriel Mountains, Mark knows the area well and knows how to take advantage of its natural beauty for an exquisite result.

In addition to his available services, Mark offers consultations and advice to his clients to ensure the best possible result. He is also available for traveling and destination photography, if a client's needs require that. Whether it is at the beach, in a park, or outside a client's home, Mark is ready, willing and able to instantly turn any setting into a professional, magazine-worthy picture.

To contact Mark Richards for photography services, prospective clients may go to his website to view his portfolio and pricing, or call him directly at (323) 555-1234. Mark is available to discuss any questions, address specific requests, and is ready to help tailor a photography package that fits any need and budget.

Mark Richards' passion for photography and dedicated service is rooted in his commitment to providing exceptional results that his clients can treasure for years to come. From the engagement to the wedding and beyond, Mark's expertise promises a photograph experience that captures and immortalizes the moments that make up life. To get in touch with Mark Richards Photography and turn special memories into lasting works of art, visit Mark Richards' official website or call now.