Matthew Jason Photo Locations

Matthew Jason Photo provides photography services throughout the greater Boston area. With wedding, engagement, and portrait sessions available, clients have the opportunity to capture moments on-location in picturesque settings. Based in Boston,Matthew Jason Photo specializes in creating unique images that capture the personality of each client.

Matthew Jason Photo offers a variety of picturesque settings that make for perfect photo sessions. Whether it’s an urban feel in the heart of Boston or a more natural backdrop, Matthew Jason Photo is able to provide a plethora of beautiful settings for clients. In the city, the Charles River Esplanade, the Boston Common and Public Garden, the Prudential Center, and more provide stunning scenery for any type of shoot. For those who prefer a more natural setting, they can head to the numerous beaches along the Massachusetts coast, explore the lush green parks, or head to the mountains and get lost in the forest for a truly unique and special photo session.

The beauty of photography doesn’t just come from the location, but also from the photographer and their expertise. Matthew Jason Photo has experience working with a variety of light setups, angles, and poses to create stunning images that capture each client’s spirit. Whether it’s a romantic engagement session along the river, an energetic wedding celebration in one of Boston’s parks, or a family portrait near the beach, the experienced staff at Matthew Jason Photo use their talent to create meaningful and lasting memories.

With Matthew Jason Photo, clients can expect the highest level of professionalism and artistry. Locations are carefully chosen based on each client’s vision and desired atmosphere. Above all,Matthew Jason Photo strives to create exceptional images capturing moments that will last a lifetime. Clients can expect quality photography and unbeatable customer service when they choose Matthew Jason Photo.