Reviews for Mattie Simas Products

Reviews for Mattie Simas Products

Mattie Simas has earned an incredible reputation of delivering exceptional products with top of the line customer service. Mattie Simas is a small company based out of Los Angeles that specializes in creating handmade jewelry, from custom designs to vintage pieces. All of their products are made from the highest quality materials, such as gold plated brass, sterling silver, and semi-precious stones.

Shoppers rave about the beautiful pieces, carefully crafted with attention to detail, intricate designs, and excellent customer service. Many comments about Mattie Simas specifically mention their attentive customer service. One customer reported, "If I don't know what I want, the owner is so helpful and knowledgeable. She walks me through the process of creating a custom piece so I get exactly what I'm looking for."

The design process at Mattie Simas is very personal, customers can have their pieces customized with birthstones, names, symbols, and even photos. As a result, customers get unique pieces that are truly special.

Another popular feature of Mattie Simas that customers appreciate is their speedy delivery. Even though the pieces are made to order, most customers receive their packages within two weeks of ordering.

The overall consensus for Mattie Simas is that people love their products and leave glowing reviews. Customers appreciate that they get such personalized and high-quality items for a reasonable price. The excellent quality, customer service, and quick shipping are highly-regarded selling points for Mattie Simas.