Types of Services Offered by Mattie Simas

Types of Services Offered by Mattie Simas

Mattie Simas is a multi-talented artist and businesswoman based in California, offering a broad range of services to her clients. From graphic design and branding consulting to content strategy and media relations, Simas has the creativity and the know-how to take on any project.

Simas’ services can be divided into four major categories: Creative Design, Content Strategy, Media Relations and Brand Strategy/Consulting. In the creative design area, Simas offers concept and visuals creation, as well as production, layout, publishing and printing advice. With her deep knowledge of digital marketing, she also creates digital experiences and content to engage her clients’ target audiences. Simas has the tools to develop and execute creative campaigns using her clients’ branding, logo and other materials.

When it comes to content, Simas is always ready to develop content strategies and communication plans, from website editing and development to preparing press releases, content marketing and blog writing. She also helps boost her clients’ businesses through social media, email and search engine marketing.

Next, we can find media relations services in Simas’ portfolio. She helps her clients reach out to the press with the help of her extensive experience in story pitching, press tours and live broadcast appearances. Simas creates compelling press materials targeted to the media and works with publications and broadcast programs to create compelling public relations materials.

Finally, Simas has the capacity and knowledge to help her clients with brand strategy, from market positioning and competitive analysis to creative identity design. She also provides advice on how to build successful relationships with partners and prospects and how to propel businesses in the right direction. With her ambition and determination, Simas delivers successful campaigns and strategies that are tailored to her clients’ businesses.

All in all, Mattie Simas’ portfolio of services covers every aspect of business promotion, from creative design to media relations and brand consulting. With a wealth of experience and commitment to quality, Simas is the ideal partner to promote and sustain success for her clients.