What Is the Delivery Method? is a website dedicated to the sale of unique and beautiful fine art portraits. On the website, customers are able to browse through the extensive selection of quality artworks and purchase them directly from the comfort of their own homes. All of the artworks featured on are individually sourced from a variety of talented photographers and artists around the world.

When purchasing an artwork from, customers can expect to receive their products in the chosen delivery method after making payment. Depending on the item, customers have the option to have their items shipped to them through a reliable third-party delivery service, such as UPS, with the selection of either a standard or express service. Alternatively, customers can choose to have their items delivered to them directly at their door step, after an appointment has been scheduled with an experienced employee. With this delivery method, customers will be provided with a tracking number which allows them to track their order and ensure it is delivered safely and promptly at their home.

For customers who live in cities with representatives, they can also choose to do a personal pick up from the representatives’ office. utilizes the services of experienced and well-trained representatives in major cities who can provide the customers with a one-on-one shopping experience, allowing them get a hands- on view of the products before making their purchase decision. The representative will be able to professionally package your products for you and consequently assist you promptly with any issues that may arise with the delivery. offers its customers different delivery method options to ensure that their items reach them promptly and securely. On the website, customers are able to find detailed information on each of these delivery methods, along with estimated shipping costs and delivery time frames, to ensure they make an educated decision on the most suitable delivery method for their purposes.