Photography Tips from Dan and Tanya at Daniel J. Cox–Natural Exposures, Inc.

Photography Tips from Dan and Tanya at Daniel J. Cox–Natural Exposures, Inc.

Daniel J. Cox - Natural Exposures, Inc. offers aspiring and professional photographers the opportunity to learn photography skills while exploring the natural world with their experienced photography instructors, Dan and Tanya Cox. The Coxes combine their extensive knowledge in the fields of photography, travel, wildlife, nature, and conservation to provide photography tours for a variety of budgets and skill levels.

With 45 years of professional photography experience, Dan is able to provide invaluable insight into the technical aspects of photography such as composition, poses, lighting, and shutter speed. During the photography tours, he is able to explain and demonstrate the utilization of different types of photography equipment and how to capture the perfect shot. He also explains how to utilize different lenses to their full potential.

Tanya’s hospitality and logistical skills have been developed with the family’s Tundra Buggy Tours, offering further insight into identifying engaging destinations to capture natural wonders while adhering to the necessary safety protocols.

Together, the Coxes combine their unique talents and expertise to provide valuable photography tips that can be applied both in the wild and in a variety of other settings. Some of the tips they offer include the following:

  1. Connect With Your Subject: Instead of just taking photographs, Dan and Tanya suggest that the photographer take time to get to know their subject first. Understand the environment and mood in the area, as well as the surrounding elements. This will help the photographer create a connection with the subject and capture the shot perfectly.

  2. Keep A Digital Storyboard: Before getting to the destination, it is beneficial to create a digital storyboard that documents the story as it unfolds. Keeping a digital storyboard and making notes will ensure that the photographer is able to capture the images needed for the desired effect.

  3. Utilize Natural Light: Understand the natural light and how it changes throughout the day, as well as how to use the available light to create the desired effect.

  4. Expound on Texture and Line: Utilize different textures and lines in the photo, as it helps bring the story to life. Focus on the unique elements that make the particular photo unique and use it to your advantage.

  5. Experiment With Angles: Utilize different angles to capture more interesting shots. Different angles can help capture the same image in a different and unique way.

Aspiring photographers can benefit greatly from the wealth of experience Dan and Tanya offer through their photography tours. Through the Coxes’ Photography Tours, new photographers can gain valuable knowledge in the world of photography, travel, wildlife, and conservation, while also enjoying a unique and exciting adventure.