Wildlife Photography Tours Offered by Daniel J. Cox–Natural Exposures, Inc.

Wildlife Photography Tours Offered by Daniel J. Cox–Natural Exposures, Inc.

Daniel J. Cox–Natural Exposures, Inc. offers amazing photo tours for those with an eagerness to learn and appreciate the art of photography. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, Daniel and his wife Tanya will take you on a picture-perfect journey through the lenses of their experienced photography skills. While you're with them, you will experience the stunning beauty of nature and the diverse cultures of the places they visit.

Tanya and Daniel have both dedicated their careers to the adventure and beauty of nature. For more than four decades, Daniel has been a professional photographer, teaching and inspiring others in the art of photography. Tanya has worked hard to create the perfect combination of hospitality and logistics for tours. With their talents combined, you will have an incredible experience learning from one of the best photographers in the business.

On each of their luxurious wildlife photography tours, you will be able to capture stunning images of some of the planet's most magnificent wildlife. You will visit places such as the South African safari, the Peruvian Amazon, and the Alaskan Tundra. Daniel and Tanya will help you to understand the importance of wildlife photography and share their firsthand knowledge of the creatures of the world. You will learn photography techniques that are tailored to capturing the beauty of the wildlife photos.

Each tour includes lodging, meals and transport during your stay. You will also receive personal instruction from Daniel and Tanya on camera settings, style and technique. Whether you need help with framing your shot or tips on how to capture a certain mood in your photographs, you'll find the support you need for your photos to look their best.

So, if you have an interest in taking stunning photos and discovering the beauty of the world we live in, then sign up for one of Daniel J. Cox–Natural Exposures, Inc.'s wildlife photography tours. With their guidance, you will be able to capture unique images of the world's most exotic animals and create a lasting memory of your travels.