What is the Cost of Working with Peter Noel Dance Photographers?

The cost of working with Peter Noel Dance Photographers (PND) will vary depending on your needs and the extent of the services they offer. PND specializes in creating customized and personalized, high-quality dance photography services for clients. They offer a range of packages designed to meet each client’s individual needs, as well as any budget.

PND prides itself on its exceptional customer service, quality and price. Depending on the scope of the services being provided, the cost typically ranges anywhere from $400-$4000 and can be adjusted depending on the size of the event and the scope of photos being taken.

For larger events, the cost of working with Peter Noel Dance Photographers can be broken down into four categories: package fees, shooting time, travel and lodging, and print costs. The sized of the event determined the size of the package and cost associated with the select style. This cost includes shooting time, pictures, and travelling fees.

In addition to the package fees, there is a cost associated with the time spent shooting. For pre-event planning, there may be an additional fee for extra time spent discussing details and for post-production including selecting, editing, and retouching images. There is also a cost associated with travelling, which is typically covered by the client. This could include airfare, accommodations, transportation, and other related costs.

Finally, there may be costs associated with printing the photos. PND offers a range of prints and products to choose from, including prints, digital downloads, albums, photo puzzles, calendars, and more. The exact cost will depend on the products being purchased and the number of prints being ordered.

The cost of working with Peter Noel Dance Photographers may vary depending on the scope of services being provided, but their experienced and talented photographers provide top-notch services at a cost that is comparable to other providers. PND is dedicated to providing exceptional service and capturing stunning images that clients will be proud to share.