What Photo Packages Does The Pouting Room Provide?

What Photo Packages Does The Pouting Room Provide?

The Pouting Room is a South Shore, Massachusetts-based photo studio that specializes in empowering boudoir and portrait photography. By helping women explore and embrace their beauty, these professionally-crafted photos create lasting memories and a powerful sense of self-esteem.

At The Pouting Room, we provide a variety of photo packages to suit every customer’s needs. Depending on the package you choose, you may receive digital images, prints, and even wall art. We strive to create a truly unique experience with each visit, providing personalized attention and one-on-one consultations with each customer.

If you have never participated in a boudoir photoshoot before, we suggest you choose our introductory discovery package. This package includes a one-hour photoshoot, an 8x10 fine art print, a digital copy of your favorite five images, and a consultation for a follow-up print or two. This is a great way to get a sense of what The Pouting Room can offer, and customers may add additional prints or digital collections onto this basic package.

For customers looking for a more in-depth experience, we also provide a classic and deluxe package. The classic package includes a two-hour session and two 8x10 fine art prints, along with a digital copy of your five favorite images and a follow-up consultation for prints or wall art. The deluxe package includes a two-hour session, a 10x14 fine art print, digital copies of your 10 favorite images, and a consultation for prints or wall art. Additionally, customers who choose the deluxe package also receive a mini boudoir album, a box of prints, and a mini wall art display featuring their favorite images.

At The Pouting Room, we are committed to creating unique and empowering experiences for our customers. Whether you choose to capture a special moment in your life, to honour that special someone, or to embrace your inner beauty, our team of photographers are dedicated to helping you create a lasting memory. Contact us today and let us help you create beautiful images that will stay with you forever.