How much do Andrea Joliat Photography's services cost?

How much do Andrea Joliat Photography's services cost?

At Andrea Joliat Photography, you can expect warm professionalism, skillful composition, and gorgeous photography for your family album. Whether it's your special day, a family reunion, or a holiday gathering, Andrea Joliat Photography will capture your memories in a way that will last a lifetime. She is dedicated to providing fair and reasonable pricing for her services.

For her most popular service, Family Album Documentary, Andrea Joliat Photography offers a special flat-rate for the day. This includes on-site coverage and customized post-production editing to all photos taken, as well as the full resolution versions of all the images. Her standard rate for this service is $1,500, though prices may vary depending on the details of the shoot and the number of people included.

Andrea Joliat Photography also offers portrait packages starting at $200 with a minimum order of 5 photos. A package may include family shots, individual portrait sessions, and/or kids-only session at the same location. This package includes a complimentary in-person consultation as well as a full set of hi-resolution copies of the images.

If you are looking for a photojournalistic approach to your family album, Andrea Joliat Photography also offers an engagement package for $2,000. This package includes up to 10 hours of coverage and the post-production of images.

Finally, Andrea Joliat Photography offers a wide variety of custom packages to meet your photography needs. Each package is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. If you would like to inquire about the cost of a custom package, please contact Andrea Joliat Photography and she will provide you with a quote tailored to your specifications.

Whether you are searching for an entire family album or just a few select memories, Andrea Joliat Photography will provide you with expert photography and fair prices for her services.. By allowing you to pay for ambitious projects with sensible payment plans, Andrea Joliat Photography will make sure your memories stay immortalized at a price that won't break your budget.