Portfolio of Photos Taken By Rachel Kurnos Photography

Portfolio of Photos Taken By Rachel Kurnos Photography

Rachel Kurnos Lewis has developed an incredible portfolio of photos, thanks to her passion for photography. Born and raised in Boston, MA, she has been capturing stunning images since 2009. From headshots to production photos, her body of work is impressive, to say the least.

Rachel takes particular pride in her headshots. She works hard to provide actors and actresses with high-quality images for an affordable price. For $150, clients receive an untimed photo shoot and get to keep all of the photos taken. Rachel retouches two of the photos and is usually able to turn around the results within two to three days.

Her photos tell the story of a vibrant city full of talent and life. Rachel has the ability to capture the personalities of the people she’s photographing and convey the scene with her images. With her unique vision and eye for detail, she is able to showcase the beauty of any location, whether it be a theater stage or a downtown park.

In addition to her headshots, Rachel’s portfolio also includes a variety of production photos. From capturing incredible action shots to displaying props and sets, she is able to convey the story of the theater piece and make it tangible for the audience. No matter the production, she is able to bring the story of the theater piece to life with her camera.

Rachel Kurnos Lewis’s portfolio of photos captures the beauty and energy of Boston. From headshots to production photos, Rachel has the vision to capture the emotion of any situation and create stunning images. She is passionate about photography, and it shows in her work.