Pricing for Services at Rachel Kurnos Photography

Pricing for Services at Rachel Kurnos Photography

Pricing for services at Rachel Kurnos Photography is incredibly affordable and straightforward. Rachel specializes in headshots and production photography, and her services are some of the most cost-effective in Boston.

A basic photo shoot is only $150, and clients receive all the photos taken, with two retouched by the photographer. Turn around time for the photos is usually only two to three days.

Rachel’s mission is to make sure aspiring actors in the area have quality photos that represent their skills and craft. No fancy studio or setup is required for a shoot - the photo can be taken inside or out, in any environment that best suits the subject and photographer.

Being a local resident, Rachel is well acquainted with the struggles local artists face. That’s why she crafted her pricing in a way that she hopes will allow aspiring actors to feel like they have a chance in the field. The photos and services provided by Rachel Kurnos Photography are never rushed or generic, so photographers can be sure to get quality results.

Rachel Kurnos Photography offers some of the best rates in Boston and is proud to provide actors the essentials they need to make it in the competitive acting world. Whether they're just starting out or are professionals, Rachel will make sure they look their best. Excellent headshots can make all the difference in a portfolio, and photographers can rest assured that Rachel Kurnos Photography can provide quality photos at a reasonable price.