Portfolio of Work by Ruby Shoes Photography

Portfolio of Work by Ruby Shoes Photography

Ruby Shoes Photography is an incredible portfolio of work that is both unique and creative. It is owned by photographer and digital artist Laura Widness and is based in Boston.

Ruby Shoes Photography offers a wide range of services, including culinary photography, restaurant photography, event photography and also portrait and wedding photography. Her work is focused on cultivating a timeless narrative, each account of her photos presenting its own story, evoking emotions and captivating viewers.

Her culinary photography is particularly noteworthy. Throughout Future Chefs, an initiative by the non-profit organization, Restaurant Family, Ruby Shoes Photography brings together restaurants, chefs and farmers to show the world the beauty of food. She captures the stories of the farmers and offers beautiful shots of the various dishes and ingredients in stunning arrangements. In this way, she helps to bring out the best in Boston-based restaurants, farmers, and chefs.

Ruby Shoes Photography also offers photography for menus. Through her specialty photography, she is able to bring restaurant menus to life. Each menu is carefully and expertly photographed, thus providing restaurants with menu items that customers can visibly connect to.

Event photography is another service that Ruby Shoes Photography offers. She always captures events with an eye to the future, because these photos are meant to preserve and document the moment, no matter how long ago it happened. Whether it’s a wedding or a company retreat, Ruby Shoes Photography is there to help make that moment last.

Finally, portrait and wedding photography. With a portfolio of work ranging from garden sessions to intimate elopements, Ruby Shoes Photography creates stunning photographs that are both vintage-inspired and timelessly modern. With artful poses and a dedication to capturing special moments, Ruby Shoes Photography adds unique personal touches to all of her portraits.

As a whole, Ruby Shoes Photography creates a remarkable portfolio of work. From her food photography to her event images, she always puts a unique and creative spin on her work. With its wide range of services, Ruby Shoes Photography truly offers something for everyone.