Staff Information for Ruby Shoes Photography

Staff Information for Ruby Shoes Photography

Ruby Shoes Photography is comprised of two primary staff members: Laura Widness and her associate photographer.

Laura Widness is a professional photographer and digital artist located in the Boston area. She specializes in culinary photography, restaurant photography, and portraiture. She has a unique ability to capture the individual personalities of those she photographs and then blend them with the environment in which they exist. Her portfolio includes photography for menus, events, and a selection of wedding packages. Laura’s award-winning photographs have been featured in newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, and television.

Her associate photographer is a professional photographer, video editor, and lighting specialist. With an emphasis on editorial, event, and product photography, he also has a knack for capturing the spontaneous and candid moments that make any occasion.

Together, the two make a dynamic team with the skill and experience to capture any moment. Their attention to detail and personal touch ensures that customers receive only the best images for their challenging and creative needs.

Ruby Shoes Photography is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of professionalism and quality. With years of experience and a concerted effort to create lasting memories, customers can rest assured that their project is in good hands. The team is friendly, efficient, and dedicated to meeting customers’ specific needs.