What is the Recent News About Silowan Photography?

What is the Recent News About Silowan Photography?

Recent News About Silowan Photography

Silowan Photography, founded by Christopher Silowan, has been a mainstay of the photography industry since its launch in 2014. In the few years since then, the company has made huge strides in the industry, winning multiple awards, reaching immense levels of growth, and becoming an internationally recognized name in the industry.

One of the biggest news developments regarding Silowan Photography this past year has been the release of their first-ever book, "Silowan: Mastering the Art of Photography", a comprehensive, matte-printed collection of Christopher Silowan's best work, featuring hundreds of photographs, interviews and essays about his journey over the past six years. The book received global attention, with the media and the photography industry praising it for its artistic scholarship and detailed exploration of the current state of artistry in photography.

Another significant development for the company this past year was the launch of their new web platform. The site has been designed to showcase the best of Silowan's work, giving viewers access to a range of collections and galleries that they can explore in great detail. In addition to this, the platform also houses the various services which Silowan offers, such as custom prints, video sessions, and portrait sessions.

Additionally, Silowan Photography has seen a significant increase in the number of partnerships they have secured with various companies, including Adobe, Olympus, Canon, Microsoft, and Google. These strategic partnerships have allowed the company to gain greater visibility and to develop innovative applications of their photography. These collaborations have resulted in a range of interesting projects being produced, from educational initiatives to marketing campaigns.

Finally, there has been much excitement around Silowan's upcoming "Nighttime" exhibition, which will be opening in the new year. The exhibition seeks to explore the multi-dimensional aspects of the night, from its beauty and tranquility to its haunting and mysterious aspects. The photographs which will be exhibited have already been praised for their stunning visual interpretation of the night in a way that has never been seen before. The success of the exhibition could effectively cement Silowan Photography's place as one of the greats in the industry.

Overall, it is clear that Silowan Photography has had a momentous year, growing in size and stature in the industry. It will be interesting to see what the company accomplishes in the future and how it continues to innovate within the industry.