What Photography Packages Does SilverPix Studios Offer?

What Photography Packages Does SilverPix Studios Offer?

SilverPix Studios is a top-of-the-line luxury photography and cinematography studio based in New England and servicing the Tri-State area. They specialize in capturing special moments and creating timeless images. SilverPix Studios offers a variety of photography packages that range from basic packages to luxurious custom packages that will make any event be picture perfect.

Their basic photography packages include the Silver Package, which is perfect for capturing modest budget events, and the Gold Package, which is perfect for clients who want to get a little more out of their photography experience. The Silver Package includes four hours of photography with one professional photographer and full access to the digital gallery of edited images. The Gold Package includes six hours of photography with two professional photographers, full access to the edited digital gallery, and a complimentary album of digital prints.

But that’s not all - SilverPix Studios also offers their prestigious Platinum Package. This packages includes nine hours of photography with three professional photographers and eight extra prints for a lasting memory. Furthermore, the Platinum Package also includes full access to the digital gallery, a complimentary album of digital prints, and a complimentary DVD with the entire gallery of images.

In addition to the above packages, SilverPix Studios also offers custom photography packages tailored to any event. These packages can include any combination of photography, cinematography, and design services. All of the custom packages include a free one-hour consultation to discuss the details of the event and how SilverPix Studios can capture and preserve these important memories.

SilverPix Studios’ commitment to excellence and passion for preserving life’s moments has earned them an outstanding reputation in the photography and cinematography industry. Regardless of what photography package the client chooses, SilverPix Studios guarantees stunning results, along with a lifetime of memories.