Jen Rose Photo Company Locations

Jen Rose Photo is a leading photographic studio based in Boston, MA, providing fine art, high fashion, weddings, commercial, and editorial photography for clients across the globe. Led by renowned photographer Jen Rose, the company has expanded to serve multiple locations in the US and abroad, allowing clients from all locations to work with the top industry talent.

Jen Rose has open studio locations in both the East and West coast of the United States. On the East Coast, the studio is based out of a prime location in Boston, MA. In Boston, clients can enjoy a state-of-the-art facility to create stunning photos and videos. On the West Coast, Jen Rose has another studio in Los Angeles, CA. Both of these locations serve as hubs for the company’s commercial and editorial projects, allowing clients to truly capture the essence of what makes them unique.

In addition to the two US locations, Jen Rose Photo also has a location in India. This studio is located in New Delhi and offers photographers a chance to explore the colorful culture of the area. This location provides clients with the opportunity to capture breathtaking images with a unique perspective, allowing them to tap into the vibrant energy of India.

Finally, Jen Rose Photo also has a studio in London, England. In London, clients can experience some of the most creative photos and videos to come out of the United Kingdom. This studio allows photographers to work in state-of-the-art facilities and offers the chance to capture some of the most iconic photographs in the world.

Through these four locations, Jen Rose Photo is able to offer photographers and clients a chance to experience the breadth of its capabilities. With its expert staff, premier facilities, and international reach, Jen Rose Photo offers a unique experience to all its clients, no matter their location. From fashion shoots in Hollywood to fine art photography in Mumbai, Jen Rose Photo allows clients to capture the world in stunning visuals.