Jen Rose Photo Services and Pricing

Jen Rose Photo is a professional photography service based in Boston, Massachusetts. Led by photographer Jen Rose, the company specializes in fine art, high fashion, weddings, commercial, and editorial photography. With years of professional experience, Jen's expertise and creativity bring an eye for detail and true artistry to all her projects.

High fashion and editorial photography have been a focus for Jen Rose Photo from the beginning. Jen's creative approach to photography is represented in the range of photos she produces for fashion and editorial magazines, product campaigns, and branding. When it comes to fashion photography, Jen understands the need to capture striking images with attention to lighting, color, and composition.

For weddings, Jen Rose Photo's style captures the unique details of the special day in an artistic manner that leaves you with photos that will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. From the rings and the dress to the unique poses and the emotion of the day, Jen can take all the shots necessary to preserve the memories through stunning photographs.

Jen's approach to commercial photography is to capture the core of the business or product she's shooting. Whether it's an industrial landscape or a stationary product, Jen knows how to bring life to the image and create an impactful photograph. She also has extensive knowledge of stock photography, giving her an edge when it comes to product and lifestyle shoots for magazines, websites, and businesses.

For each project, Jen Rose Photo offers competitive pricing tailored to the specific needs of the customer. From portfolio packages and full day shoots to one-off images and corporate photography assignments, Jen can provide a quote based on the project specifications and clients budget. Whether you need a fashion spread or a few shots of a product, Jen Rose Photo is committed to delivering quality work that meets the highest standards.

Jen Rose Photo brings professionalism and creativity to every project. If you're looking for the highest quality fine art, fashion, wedding, commercial, or editorial photography, you can trust Jen Rose Photo for incredible images and competitive pricing.