Susannah Bothe Photography Contact Information

Susannah Bothe Photography is a professional photography business located in Salem, MA, United States. Susannah specializes in lifestyle photography, personal branding, family portraiture and emotive portraiture with a focus on dramatic light.

Susannah discovered her passion for photography during her studies and travels to Southern France in her late twenties, where she quickly fell in love with capturing long-gone moments on film. From her start in art school focusing on graphic design, Susannah switched her major to photography after finding success entering images she had captured in France into an annual school photo contest.

If you're interested in learning more about Susannah Bothe Photography, you can take a look at her website, which features her portfolio, pricing information and contact information. Susannah can be contacted via email at, or you can call her at (207) 975-5345.

If you're in the Salem, MA area and you're in need of a professional photographer, Susannah Bothe Photography is the perfect choice. Professional, passionate and experiential, Susannah strives to capture the moments that make your memories memorable. Reach out today to start planning your photoshoot!