Susannah Bothe Photography FAQs

Susannah Bothe Photography FAQs

  1. What type of photography does Susannah Bothe offer?

Susannah Bothe offers a variety of photography including professional portraits/personal branding, family portraiture, emotive portraiture, and dramatic light. Susannah is a lifestyle photographer and specializes in capturing unexpected, unscripted moments.

  1. What inspired Susannah to become a photographer?

Susannah’s passion for photography began when she decided to switch her major from graphic design to photography while attending school in Southern France. After using and entering many rolls of film into a contest, Susannah won an award, which further propelled and inspired her to pursue a career in photography.

  1. What is Susannah’s approach to taking photos?

Susannah is drawn to the fleeting, unscripted moments that pass by quickly. She is always looking for quirky expressions or reactions to capture in her photographs. Susannah takes a lifestyle approach to photography and strives to capture the essence of her subjects in order to convey emotion and personality through her images.

  1. Does Susannah take on clients outside of the Salem, MA area?

Yes, Susannah does take on clients outside of the Salem, MA area. If you are interested in Susannah's services and live outside of Salem, MA, please contact her to discuss further details.

  1. How can I contact Susannah Bothe Photography?

You can contact Susannah Bothe Photography by visiting the website at or by directly emailing Susannah at [email protected]