Susannah Bothe Photography Lifestyle Photography

As a lifestyle photographer, Susannah Bothe strives to capture the interesting and unique moments of life that often go unnoticed or pass by too quickly. By taking on clients in search of professional portraiture, personal branding, and family portraiture, Susannah has been able to create a broad portfolio of her work that showcases her natural eye for detail and emotion.

Susannah's passion for photography began in her late twenties when she returned to school in San Francisco to study graphic design. One of her trips included a stop in Southern France, where she had the opportunity to not only take in the Mediterranean landscape, but also capture the beauty of this landscape on her camera. Susannah entered some of the images she captured into a school photo contest, and won. From this experience, she felt inspired and decided to switch her major from graphic design to photography.

Since then, Susannah has found herself passionate about emotive portraiture and dramatic light, as well as being able to bring out the character and emotion in her photographs. Each photo she takes is intentional and thoughtfully done, capturing more than just a moment, but the feelings and unique character of the subject. Her desire to capture real moments from life is demonstrated in her own portfolio of photography types, where she works with a variety of clientele to create meaningful images of their stories and personalities.

For an experienced lifestyle photographer that has an eye for detail, emotion and character, Susannah Bothe Photography is the perfect choice. She has an innate ability to capture beautiful, natural photographs that tell a story, creating lasting memories and works of art that you and your family or brand can cherish for a lifetime.