Susannah Bothe Photography Locations

Susannah Bothe Photography is a Boston-based lifestyle and portrait photography business with a focus on capturing emotive and dramatic light. As a photographer, Susannah Bothe takes great pride in capturing unscripted, unexpected moments. To cover these picturesque moments, Bothe ventures to various locations around the Salem, MA area and beyond.

Whether it’s the charming New England towns around Salem, the vibrant streets of Boston, or the rugged beauty of the Maine coast, Bothe is open to exploring the many corners of her backyard. Her portfolio often includes photos taken in quaint, historic Salem. The waterfront offers up scenic views, bustling harbors, and peaceful marinas, while the iconic Victorian architecture of the Pickering Wharf gives her a unique backdrop to work with. These are only a few of the numerous picturesque spots found around Salem.

Beyond the borders of Salem, Boston provides a bustling hub of interesting settings with an urban twist. From the jaw-dropping skyline and iconic neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and the North End, to the grand 19th-century rowhouses, alleys, and gardens, Boston has many unique spots to photograph. Susannah Bothe also often venturs to the Maine coast. With its spectacular landscapes of lighthouses, rocky coves, quaint fishing villages, and captivating ocean views, the Maine coast creates a breathtakingly beautiful scenery, perfect for capturing Moments.

Susannah Bothe Photography strives to explore the best and most interesting locations while capturing people and their stories through the lens of her camera. From Salem and Boston to the Maine coast, there are countless spots to keep her creative vision alive. No matter what the location, Bothe is prepared to catch the unique moments that help create beautiful stories that last.