Susannah Bothe Photography Services

Susannah Bothe Photography is a professional lifestyle and portrait photographer who takes on clients looking for branded personal portraits and family portraiture. Susannah is known for her emotive portraiture and dramatic lighting, which truly set her apart from other photographers. With a background in graphic design, Susannah began her career as a photographer by traveling to the beautiful Mediterranean and capturing the stunning light of the region. This passion soon led her to win a small award for her photographs.

Susannah’s passion for capturing the beauty of other people is something that really sets her apart from other photographers. She prides herself on capturing the unscripted, unexpected moments that often times pass so quickly. Susannah is always looking to capture gestures such as smirks, smiles, pensive expressions, and any other subtle details that reflect a person’s unique identity and personality.

When it comes to family portraiture, Susannah has a natural ability to capture special moments between family members. Her client base is filled with parents, grandparents, and other relatives who are looking to document genuine connections and candid interactions between family members. Susannah’s business also offers portraiture specifically designed to capture the unique personalities and passions of each family member.

For those in need of professional portraits as part of their personal branding efforts, Susannah is more than happy to work with them to create stunning images that best represent their message and identity. Having studied graphic design and cultivated these skills during her career, Susannah is able to create the types of portrait pieces that a client needs.

From the Mediterranean to Salem, MA, the Susannah Bothe Photography team is ready to capture each person’s unique identity through their one-of-a-kind portraits. Whether you’re looking for professional branding portraits, emotive portraiture, or family portraiture, Susannah Bothe Photography is your go-to team for capturing the beauty and intricacies of every person and moment.