Pricing of The Moving-Pictures Company

Pricing of The Moving-Pictures Company

The Moving-Pictures Company is an experienced photography and videography service in the Lexington, Massachusetts area. Whether you are planning a wedding, event, bar mitzvah, or bat mitzvah, The Moving-Pictures Company has the skills and experience to capture your event with beautiful photography and videography. Making sure that you receive the highest quality experience for your special event is paramount to The Moving-Pictures Company.

The Moving-Pictures Company offers a variety of different packages to meet the needs of your event. All packages start with a free consultation to help determine what package is best for you. Pricing then varies depending on the length of the event and the type of services requested. For instance, a basic package may start at $1,000, while a deluxe package may start more in the range of $2,000. It is important to keep in mind that the basic packages are generally for events that are two hours or less, while deluxe packages involve more time and resources, such as additional lighting or special equipment.

When selecting a package for your event, it's important to remember that The Moving-Pictures Company also offers add-on services that can really take the photography and videography services up a notch. Some of these add-on services include additional editing time, additional lighting, additional camera angle shots, and much more. These add-ons can help give your event an extra level of creativity and stunning visuals.

The Moving-Pictures Company also offers aerial drone photography and videography for a unique perspective of your event. The professional team at The Moving-Pictures Company can help you select the right equipment and help you decide on the perfect angles to get the most stunning photos and videos of your event.

Overall, The Moving-Pictures Company offers a wide range of services, packages, and add-ons to fit your budget and needs. All pricing is discussed during the free consultation. The Moving-Pictures Company is available for events across Massachusetts, as well as elsewhere in New England, including Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Please contact The Moving-Pictures Company to learn more about pricing and services available.