The Studio: Does The Studio provide any special discounts or promotions?

The Studio: Does The Studio provide any special discounts or promotions?

The Studio is the premier business portrait and headshot provider in the Greater Boston area. Located in Stoneham, Massachusetts, The Studio is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and results to its clients. Professionals from all over the region come to The Studio for sharp, polished images used for business, educational, and promotional purposes.

The Studio not only offers superior quality results, but also some of the most competitive rates in the industry. To ensure that clients get their money’s worth, The Studio regularly offers discounts and promotions on a variety of services and products.

Clients can take advantage of volume discounts on multiple headshots. For multiple people from the same organization coming to The Studio, each additional person after the first can receive a discount. The discount rate increases with each additional person, allowing organizations to save on their full-day projects.

The Studio also regularly provides promotional discounts on services such as retouching, digital files, and prints. If clients prefer to purchase digital files or prints of their images, they can be rewarded with even more discounts.

The Studio also offers corporate discounts. Companies and organizations who have a recurring need for portraits or headshots on a regular basis can benefit from the discounts offered by The Studio. Most corporate discounts, however, require a commitment of at least five sessions.

Finally, The Studio also offers promotional discounts for seniors and students. High school seniors and college students can receive special discounts for portrait sittings at The Studio. These discounts can help facilitate a comfortable and enjoyable portrait experience for these important life memories moments.

At The Studio, clients can feel confident that they will receive the most competitive pricing in the industry, coupled with superior quality results. Whether it’s through volume discounts, promotional discounts, corporate discounts, or discounts for seniors and student, The Studio has something for everyone.