Examples of Tim Reed Photography's Past Events and Weddings

Examples of Tim Reed Photography's Past Events and Weddings

Tim Reed is a freelance photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a passion for cityscape, HDR, night sky and nighttime photography, he has a unique eye for capturing breathtaking and memorable moments. During his career, Tim's highly sought after style has documented a variety of events and weddings in vivid detail.

Tim's portfolio is filled with images that capture the beauty of weddings. His passion for photographing weddings is evident from the gallery of photos, from the candid captures of guests and emotional moments of the bride and groom. He also pays special attention to the nuances of small details like the wedding bands, flowers and decorations. Tim is also fully in tune with other aspects of the wedding portraits and documentary photos, such as capturing the family photos as well as the couple's photos.

Tim's portfolio also documents the beauty of events such as birthday parties and anniversaries. His snapshots of a birthday party are ones that make lasting impressions. Tim captures everything from the details of the cake, to the smiles and laughter of guests enjoying the occasion. His attention to detail and skillful photography enable him to document the essential moments of a celebration.

In addition, Tim has documented corporate events. He proficiently documents the atmosphere of efficient and successful business meetings as well as large conferences and conventions. His experienced eye for such events ensures that clients are pleased with the end results for their corporate events.

Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or a corporate event, Tim Reed brings an experienced eye that captures the moments in a memorable way. His passion for night sky and nighttime photography is apparent in the photos and ensures that each night or day event will be vividly documented. Such variety and attention to detail in capturing memorable moments is what Tim Reed Photography is known for.