Examples of wedding, engagement and family photography from Wassim Samara Photography

Wassim Samara Photography is committed to offering the highest quality natural light photography services in Massachusetts. Located in Milton, Wassim Samara provides a beautiful backdrop for wedding, engagement, and family portrait shoots. From the sandy shores of Cape Cod to the picturesque hills of the Berkshires and all of the unique landscapes that Massachusetts has to offer, Wassim Samara Photography will help you create timeless, beautiful images.

Wedding images created by Wassim Samara Photography are bright and full of emotion. His photographs provide an intimate look at the most special day of two people's lives, capturing precious moments like a bride's first look at her groom, or the couple's first waltz as man and wife. He understands that weddings are about so much more than posed portraiture and makes sure to capture the candid moments in between grand gestures, too-- like the looks of adoration between the happy couple, or the smiles of their guests during the toasts.

Engagement photography is about more than just getting beautiful photos of the two lovebirds, who will soon start planning the rest of their life together. Wassim Samara is an expert in making sure that these photoshoots are relaxed and comfortable so that the couple can easily be themselves, which really shines through in the photos. He has the eye to capture the silliness and laughter, as well as the more serene moments while the couple takes the time to appreciate one another and the joy of the upcoming commitment they share.

Family photos with Wassim Samara Photography are anything but traditional. Environmental portraits, whether in the family's home, a nearby park, or a stunning beach, show not only the faces of the family but their connection to each other and to the larger world. Laughter and love are always captured as well, ensuring that even the smallest members of the family can look back in a decade and remember exactly how they felt when the photo was taken.

Wassim Samara Photography will create beautiful and meaningful images to capture these special moments in your lives. If you're in the Massachusetts area and looking for wedding, engagement, or family photography, contact Wassim Samara Photography to capture these special moments that you'll treasure for a lifetime.