What safety protocols does In Hospital Photography have in place?

What safety protocols does In Hospital Photography have in place?

In Hospital Photography is a specialty photography service that captures priceless photos of newborn babies and their families during their stay in a hospital. This service is becoming increasingly popular among new parents as a way to capture the memories of their first moments together.

At In Hospital Photography, safety is always a top priority. To ensure the safety of the newborns and their parents, a range of protocols are in place. All of the photographers undergo rigorous background checks, ensuring their credibility and trustworthiness. Additionally, all photographers are equipped with the latest protective equipment, including gloves and face masks, to ensure the utmost hygiene level at all times.

In Hospital Photography also takes extra steps to make sure that the newborn baby is kept safe and comfortable at all times. To start, all equipment used by the photographers is sterilized and regularly checked. Parents are encouraged to be in the room at all times to ensure the newborn’s safety. Moreover, photographers are required to keep their distance from the infant, and they are not allowed to directly touch the baby.

In Hospital Photography has also taken many measures to ensure the privacy of its clients. All images taken by the photographers are stored securely and accessed only by personnel that have signed a non-disclosure agreement. In addition, all images are taken in designated private areas of the hospital and there is an on-site security team that monitors the premises at all times.

In Hospital Photography understands the importance of safety and works hard to make sure that its clients have the best and safest experience possible. Through its robust safety protocols, it strives to create a safe and secure environment for its clients to capture those precious moments with their newborn baby.