Educational Resources from Home Photography by Emily Sterne Schebesta

Educational Resources from Home Photography by Emily Sterne Schebesta

Emily Sterne Schebesta is a talented Cambridge-based photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of newborns, young children, and their families. With a keen eye and genuine love of her craft, Emily has shared her knowledge of photography through instructional videos, educational articles, and inspiring photography tips to help others capture meaningful images from home.

Using her experience, Emily has developed helpful educational resources and guides to provide viewers with the knowledge needed to take beautiful and natural photographs of children. Her educational resources cover topics such as lighting, posing, and camera angles, so anyone can take stunning photos of their children that perfectly capture their unique personality and spirit.

Emily offers variety of photography tips to create unforgettable images of babies and young children. She recommends taking photos with natural light during the "golden hour," which is the hour before sunrise or just after sunset, when daylight is at its softest and most flattering. Additionally, Emily provides advice on positioning and posing children that focuses on capturing their adorable expressions and moments of joy.

Furthermore, Emily has also released tutorials for editing family photos for a more polished finish. She provides step-by-step instruction on topics such as enhancing color, adjusting brightness and contrast, and adding special effects to your photos.

Emily's educational resources have enabled parents, grandparents, and other family members the opportunity to document their beloved babies and children in their own homes. By following her advice and techniques, they can achieve professional results with the comfort of knowing they have the guidance of a photographer they can trust.

Through her work, Emily continues to support, motivate, and inspire others to capture beautiful moments with their little ones. If you want to take your photos of your children to the next level, take advantage of Emily Sterne Schebesta's educational resources and join her on her journey to promote the art of home photography.