What Sets Home Photography by Emily Sterne Schebesta Apart

What Sets Home Photography by Emily Sterne Schebesta Apart

Home Photography by Emily Sterne Schebesta is a Cambridge-based photography company that strives to capture the special moments and memories of families, newborns, and young children. Emily’s mission is to create images that tell stories and that evoke an emotional connection between herself and her clients.

What sets Home Photography by Emily Sterne Schebesta apart from other photographers is her approach that combines an eye for quality, creativity and emotion with a professional and courteous service. She creates candid and natural portraits by using the most beautiful locations to capture each moment with the family.

Emily’s attention to detail is evident in each of her shots, no matter the subject. She is able to capture the unique personality and beauty of every individual in the photos. Emily’s skills also extend to newborn photography, where she works to capture the tender moments of this life stage while also allowing parents to be a part of the experience so that they can share in the special time with their little ones.

In addition to her attention to detail, Emily adds a personal touch to her services that puts her clients at ease. She creates a relaxed atmosphere and then brings out expressions of joy and emotion in her photo sessions. Emily also ensures her clients that all of the prints she produces are of the highest quality and that she is reliable and responsive to their needs.

Emily Sterne Schebesta’s Home Photography is the perfect way for families to preserve their memories for generations to come. Through her commitment to quality and service, Emily is able to provide a personal and professional experience for everyone who encounters her.