How Does La Capoise Handle Product Pricing?

La Capoise is an independent beauty boutique based in Montreal that specializes in selecting top-rated beauty products from specially curated collections. They provide customers with a unique shopping experience, showcasing a wide selection of international, special edition, and travel-exclusive items that can't be found in other stores. To ensure the store is competitively priced, La Capoise uses several strategies in their approach to product pricing.

First and foremost, La Capoise takes the time to review competitors pricing in the local market on an ongoing basis. They are mindful of market prices and continuously compare the prices of similar products against those of their competitors. Through this process, La Capoise can ensure that the prices for their products remain competitive and attractive to their customers.

Another approach taken by La Capoise is to assess the cost of their products before they even hit the shelves. This two-fold approach involves understanding the costs of each product, labor, taxes, and other fees associated with bring the products to the store. This information provides La Capoise with a greater understanding of the total cost involved in selling their products to the public and helps to ensure that they are setting prices that accurately reflect the cost of the product.

La Capoise also works with industry professionals to determine pricing of their products. This ensures that their prices are insteaded on valuable insights from industry experts and more specifically, experts in the beauty industry.

Finally, La Capoise occasionally offers discounts and promotional sales to their customers. This helps to bring in business during slow periods and also helps to encourage customers to choose their products as opposed to those from their competitors.

In short, La Capoise takes a comprehensive approach to product pricing, which includes evaluating competitors, understanding the costs associated with the product, consulting with experts and offering promotional deals. Through this approach, they ensure that their prices remain competitive and their customers are getting the best possible deals available.