Awards and Recognition that VIVIDO STUDIO has won

Awards and Recognition that VIVIDO STUDIO has won

VIVIDO STUDIO is a Toronto-based animation and design studio that works to create a positive impact through powerful visuals and storytelling. Since its establishment in 2018, the studio has been recognized internationally for its awe-inspiring, innovative designs and animations.

VIVIDO STUDIO was awarded the Creative Arts Emmy this past fall for its extraordinary work on a national campaign. The Creative Arts Emmy is the highest renown a studio can receive and VIVIDO STUDIO was grateful to be honored with this prestigious award.

As the animation and design industry changes, so does the competition. VIVIDO STUDIO continuously strives to stay ahead of the curve. Their work has been consistently noted as some of the most efficient, eye-catching and interactive projects around.

The studio was also selected as a winner of several awards at the Cannes Lions, the most prestigious awards in advertising. Some of the Lions they won include a silver award for Online Films, a bronze award for Mobile Film and Interactive, and a silver award for Design.

Additionally, VIVIDO STUDIO was chosen for an award for the Global Music Video Awards for their groundbreaking work with music videos. This is an incredible honor, as these awards recognize the best music videos in the world.

These amazing awards and recognitions are a testament to the hard work and dedication that the VIVIDO STUDIO puts into every animation and design project. With every new project, VIVIDO STUDIO strives to create a powerful and lasting impact with their visuals and storytelling. They always have their eyes set on the highest awards, and continuously strive to reach the highest level of excellence in their work. With a passion for impactful visual storytelling, VIVIDO STUDIO is an award-winning animation and design studio that deserves the highest of recognitions.