Clients that VIVIDO STUDIO has worked with

Clients that VIVIDO STUDIO has worked with

VIVIDO STUDIO is an animation and design studio based in Toronto. From the large to the small, VIVIDO STUDIO has proudly collaborated with prestigious clients from all around the globe who share their passion for making a positive impact through powerful visuals and storytelling.

VIVIDO STUDIO has worked with a variety of clients from a range of industries. From tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, and LinkedIn, to luxury lifestyle companies such as Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton, and even award-winning film studios such as Lucasfilm, VIVIDO STUDIO continues to help patrons craft engaging visual experiences.

The team at VIVIDO STUDIO have lent their creative services and expertise to creative agencies, educational institutions, government offices, and non-profits. The team works hard to ensure that each new project is tailored to the client’s brand, goal, and audience, while still providing beautiful and impactful art direction.

VIVIDO STUDIO is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and technology to create innovative work that resonates with audiences, and to ensure that every project is a success. They have worked with social apps, banks, global associations, successful startups, and news agencies, to name a few.

No matter their area of expertise or the scale of their projects, VIVIDO STUDIO is dedicated to delivering compelling stories and powerful visuals. Their portfolio is an ever-growing collection of truly remarkable results which span numerous styles and media.

VIVIDO STUDIO continues to make a positive impact through the strength of their storytelling and engaging visuals, and they look forward to working with many more clients in the future. They have the experience, passion, and talent to transform your project into something memorable.