Costs of VIVIDO STUDIO services

Costs of VIVIDO STUDIO services

VIVIDO STUDIO is a Toronto based animation and design studio that strives to create a positive impact through storytelling and powerful visuals. Founded in 2020, they are experienced in creating stunning visual works and animations, that are reflected in their unique approach to a project. VIVIDO STUDIO offers a wide range of services and prices depending on the project.

When considering the services of VIVIDO STUDIO, the first factor to consider is the type of services desired. The cost for animation services will vary from project to project, depending on the complexity of the animation, the length, the characters, and the design. For example, an animation for a five-minute cartoon will likely cost much more than a project for a graphics-only website design.

Design services are generally less expensive than animation, though the cost is largely dependent upon the scope of the project. A project including custom artwork and illustrations is likely to cost more than a project just requiring the rearrangement of stock images. Additionally, the timeframe of the project in question will also affect the cost.

Additional services VIVIDO STUDIO provides are consultation and localization services. Fees associated with these services may vary depending on the project and the amount of work required. VIVIDO STUDIO also offers training sessions and workshops, which may vary in cost depending on the desired duration of the session.

Overall, the cost of services at VIVIDO STUDIO depends on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the services requested. For a more accurate quote, interested parties are encouraged to contact VIVIDO STUDIO with their individual project requirements. Visit their website at for more information or to inquire about services.